Do you ship the KabobMaster to other countries?

Yes. We provide international shipping options.

Can I leave the KabobMaster outdoors (on my grill) when not in use?

No. Since the KabobMaster has an electric motor, it should be removed from the grill after use, unless it will be covered with a waterproof cover or tarp.

Can I order the KabobMaster in a different voltage?

Our commercial rotisseries are available in 220V and 110V variants. Our residential rotisseries are currently only available in 110V. You will need to use a power converter to use with different voltages.

Can I use my own skewers on the Kabobmaster Rotisserie?

Yes, provided the following:

  1. You will still need to buy rotisserie adapters for each or your own skewers.
  2. Your skewers should not be thicker than 11 gauge stainless steel.

How long does shipping take to receive the KabobMaster?

Depends on the shipping options. Most of our products are shipped within 1-2 business days if in stock. Most KabobMaster models are in stock. For United States orders, it takes 7 calendar days for ground shipping. For International order, it takes 6 to 10 days. This includes European Countries, the Middle East, Australia and Canada.

How fast do the skewers turn/rotate?

The skewers rotate at approximately 3 (RPM) revolutions per minute.

What is the difference between the KabobMaster Residential Rotisserie models and the Commercial Rotisserie models?

The Commercial rotisseries are designed to be used in a “restaurant “environment, therefore the motor, housings, bearings, chain and drive shaft are designed for durability in high temperature environments. This means using stainless steel and ceramic materials where appropriate.

What kind of grill must I have to use the KabobMaster?

An “open flat top” grill. Most grills where the lid or cover is completely removable will work. Since the rotisserie housing (Rectangular box) and motor, rest about 1 inch off the back wall of the grill (and not on the flame), it is important that the grill lid/cover can be removed.