KabobMaster 36″ Automatic Rotisserie, For Restaurant Use NSF Approved

KabobMaster 36″ Automatic Rotisserie, For Restaurant Use NSF Approved

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KabobMaster 36″ Automatic Rotisserie Specs

Restaurant owners, the 36″ Automatic Rotisserie from KabobMasters is perfect for use in professional kitchens.

Capacity: 12 Skewers
304 Stainless Steel and Light Aluminum
Professional Grade Construction

Adapts to most open top commercial gas charbroilers or charcoal grills

Ideal for restaurants, banquet halls and catering

Heavy Duty Rotisserie Motor:
120 Volt UL listed
Capacity 30 LB Maximum load
High Torque
Turns at approximately 2.3 RPM
On / Off Switch

Distance between each skewer: 2.5”

Includes 12 Stainless Steel Skewers with Rotisserie Adapters
Skewer Length 24” or 30” (please specify preference).

Warranty: One Year
From defects due to workmanship or materials
Ship Weight: 40 lbs

Buy skewers products with twisted end and non-twisted end with pointed tip made of forged stainless steel at Kabob Master. We offer our products at the lowest prices. You will enjoy cooking shish kebab with the skewer.

Kabob Master is the leader in innovative barbecue accessories and grilling tools for outdoor cooking. Find everything you need for the ultimate experience of effortless cooking with top-quality barbecue rotisserie accessories.

Our rotisseries allow multiple skewers to rotate slowly and simultaneously to achieve consistent cooking results.

KabobMaster also manufactures charcoal grills, stainless steel grills, stainless steel skewers, BBQ rotisserie motors and other accessories suitable for both commercial and residential cooking applications.

Established is 2007, KabobMaster BBQ Grills, LLC is a manufacturing company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing a variety of automatic (self rotating) shish kabob rotisseries, called The “KabobMaster” Series. Our rotisseries are currently available in 6 sizes (lengths) ranging from 5 skewer machines (18″) up to 22 skewer machines (5 ft long).

KabobMaster manufactures rotisseries for both restaurant and residential use.

Most models are available in custom sizes.

Specifications and Manuals

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