36″ Automatic Rotisserie (Non-Commercial Use)
36″ Automatic Rotisserie (Non-Commercial Use)

36″ Automatic Rotisserie (Non-Commercial Use)

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Item Number: KM36

The KabobMaster Rotisseries automates the skewer turning processes for cooking on gas or charcoal. A motor is used to rotate the skewers at a constant rate of 2 revolutions per minute. The unit can be bolted to the grill or placed on top, resting on the two stainless steel crossbars.  

The rotisserie is manufactured in the U.S.A. from a custom CNC machined aluminum body with stainless steel skewer receptacles. Any surface contacting food is made with food grade stainless steel 304.

The rotisseries are intended for Outdoor use with barbecue trays without a hood or lid. Unit is made to be placed over the tray. Grill hood or lid must be removed prior to use of this product. Enclosing the motor within the heat source will cause damage to the unit and will degrade the life of the motor. Motor is equipped with a 3-foot power cord. Only North American variants available now. European 220V variants will be available early 2020.

Product comes with 12 stainless steel skewers. 

Capacity: 12 Skewers

Adapts to most grills with a cooking area up to 36 in. (left to right) x 20 in. (front to back).