60″ Cart Series Charcoal Grill
60″ Cart Series Charcoal Grill

60″ Cart Series Charcoal Grill

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The KabobMaster Cart Series Grills are charcoal grills designed to be portable. The grills have two wheels which can be used to easily move the grill around. The grills all come with a 14 inch welded side table and a shelf below the fire box. 

The grill features a 11 gauge rust resistant, galvanized steel fire box, with a 16 gauge rust resistant galvanized steel lid and legs. The fire box is built from a single sheet with 90 degree bends on all four sides to prevent bending and warping from any heat source.

All grills come with cutouts (slots) on the front and rear sides for skewer placement. The “P” option denotes the circular punches which are added for ease of integration with the KabobMaster Rotisseries.

Use of wood, charcoal and mesquite woods are suitable and recommended heat sources for all KabobMaster Grills.

Custom sizes available upon request.

Firebox Dimensions: 36 in. (L) x 19 in. (W) x 5 in. (H)

Material: Rust resistant galvanized steel 

Skewer Slots: 29 (27 with rotisserie mounting option)

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